South Bay HOG Chapter is back and better than ever!

Jodi Gilbert

We're kickstarting our South Bay HOG Chapter into gear again but we're rolling it out with a few changes...

We want you to ride. That means: Less meetings. Less obligations. No extra commitments. No chill n grill duties. No raffles. No fundraising. We've got all that handled.

We want you to ride. Ride near. Ride far. Take long rides. Short rides. Ride to work. Take the long way home rides. Breakfast rides. Lunch rides. Dinner rides. Day long rides. Overnight rides. Weeklong rides. Cross-country rides. Rally rides. Ride as much and as often as you can. Live to ride. Ride to live. 

Oh, and did we mention it's FREE! That's right! There are NO Chapter fees to ride with us!