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Having the best experience in class requires appropriate motorcycle gear. Check out what you should bring on day one.


Helmets are the most important piece of safety gear. Statistics show that correctly fitted and worn helmets dramatically reduce the incidence of fatal head injuries, so it's essential to get the right one for you.

Stop by and let us help you find the perfect helmet to fit your needs.


When the ride calls for high-performance riding gear, look no further than our MotorClothes Department. 115 years of riding experience meet up with road-proven designs and the latest technology make this this the gear to rely on. It’s built to help you ride further and be more comfortable in the saddle as conditions change. You’re only as good as your gear. Get the good stuff.

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It’s essential you look good off the bike and feel good on it, so we have developed a wide-range of Performance Sportswear which can act as the perfect bottom layer when you’re out riding.

Incorporating the latest technologies, our Performance Fabrics help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool, dry and fresh throughout the day and add an extra layer of protection when you're riding. 


When it comes to riding gear, gloves are an essential component. Not only do they add a level of protection and safety, but can also increase your level of comfort on the road. 

 Comfort: Gloves absorb the vibration from the bars, which can lead to a numbing and tingling feeling on long rides. In the warmer months, well-ventilated gloves can protect your hands from the sun, while still allowing for ample air flow. During cooler months, a thick pair of waterproof gloves will keep your hands warm and dry. 

 Safety and Protection: Have you ever tried to hold onto something with sweaty palms? Gloves allow you to properly grip onto the bike, which will decrease muscle and hand fatigue. Though we don't like to think about it, an accident can happen. "Dress for the slide, not the ride." In the event of a fall, it is our first instinct to put our hands out. Padded palms and armored knuckles will act as a barrier between your hands and the ground. When you're riding, gloves will also protect your skin from sunburns, bugs, and debris on the road. 

 Style: While the most important feature of gloves is added protection, they can also add a level of style. From Harley-Davidson to Axel Co., our MotorClothes Department is stocked with a wide variety of gloves: deer skin, mesh, green, pink, or black, and everything in between. Safety can be stylish! 


Adventure starts with a single step. Walk away from the ordinary with motorcycle footwear crafted for true originals. Find style in every stitch and adventure in every detail in a collection of riding boots built for the long road. Full grain leathers protect against heat, weather, and road debris. Rubber out-soles give you the added slip and oil resistance you need. Style your inner rebel with iconic designs from Harley-Davidson®. A series of boots born with attitude and built for adventure, it's time to step up your boot game.

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